Openair-Plasma® generators – central control and management of plasma systems

Specially designed plasma generators are the basis of highly effective and energy-efficient pretreatment systems. We see the development of plasma jets and generators as a holistic task.

Plasmatreat generators are designed for simple, robust, and reliable complete systems with extensive control and diagnostic functions, such as double resonance systems, pulse-pause modulation, and wide voltage control based on state-of-the-art IGBT and Power-MOSFET semiconductor technologies.

Plasma Generator FG5001

The FG5001 Plasma Generator is the basic unit of the Plasmatreat generator 5000 series. It is distinguished by its particularly compact design – allowing space-saving under-counter integration.

Plasma Generator FG5001S

Compact digital system with control and diagnostic functions. The digital, processor-controlled low-frequency FG5001S plasma generator is ideal for use in production plants.

Plasma Generator FG5002 / FG5005

High-power generators with reliable process control. This plasma generator realizes both the activation of the Openair-Plasma® generator and the monitoring of the operating states by means of process controls developed by Plasmatreat.

Plasma Generator FG5002S / FG5005S

High-power generators with maximum monitoring, diagnostic and service functions

You want to test our products for your material?

Give it a try: Our experienced application engineers are looking forward working with you to find the best solution for your use case. In our well-equipped laboratories, together we will pre-treat your individual parts with our plasma technology and analyse the results.