Openair-Plasma® robot systems

Plasmatreat robot systems feature patented rotary jets to deliver plasma treatment (activationcleaning), plasma coating, and surface hardening of components with the most varied geometry and sizes. This technology is integrated inline in the production process, without chamber systems. The component remains in the production line and can be directly processed following plasma treatment. This simplifies and accelerates the production process, making it particularly cost effective.

Treatment of automobile instrument panels

Complex components such as automobile instrument panels are treated inline with a robotic Openair® plasma system. The plasma treatment can be adjusted to sweep large areas or to precisely follow contours where adhesive is to be applied.

Completely automated solutions for integrated plasma applications

Robot systems equipped with Openair-Plasma® ensure the greatest precision, even when used in complex applications. Openair-Plasma® robot systems are robust and easy to operate. Jet configurations customized for each application can achieve high cycle times and process speeds, while Openair-Plasma® treatment also provides particularly high process reliability that can be reproduced every time.

The dry plasma process is particularly protective of the environment, even while it saves time. Conventional wet chemical processes and elaborate chamber systems can be completely eliminated.

Working together with our customers, we develop customized complete solutions for all possible applications in manufacturing. One example is the Plasmatreat robot system that features compact integration of all the plasma components for plasma polymerization.