Looking for Solutions to Help with Material Bonding or Coating Challenges?

Are you struggling with material bonding or coating complexities? If the promise of plasma pretreatment, activation and coating technology sounds intriguing but seems out of reach, we've got the perfect solution.

Explore our Plasma as a Service (PaaS) designed to give you seamless access to the dynamic world of plasma technology. Demystify the potential of plasma and revolutionize your approach to materials challenges with our customized solutions.

This service is perfect for companies with:


  • No immediate capital to invest in new equipment
  • Not enough internal resources to run a new technology
  • Small projects that don’t justify additional capital investments
  • A need for proof-of-concept for new product development projects
  • Batch work solution needs


Experience ease every step of the way - from sending your materials to receiving them back treated. Our fast and responsive team ensures a quick turnaround to efficiently meet your needs. Embrace the simplicity of partnering with us for hassle-free, customized solutions in the world of plasma technology.

Accessibility to cutting-edge technology

Openair-Plasma® is a perfect fit for your needs if you have:

  • Small to mid-size volumes and a product that is not produced inline.
  • Companies who do not want to become “plasma experts” and prefer to outsource.
  • Those with specific quality and performance requirements.
  • Those who prefer to work on a project basis with our team.

This service can also fill in the gap between a Plasmatreat equipment order and the delivery of that equipment.

We offer:

  • Materials Cleaning
  • Materials Activation
  • Material Coating (i.e. corrosion protection)
  • Problem Solving and Research
  • Lab Time

If you are interested in learning more about this service please fill out the contact form or call our Hayward office at +1 650-596-1606.