RD2005 Rotary Jet – Rotating unit with two plasma jets

The RD2005 plasma jet is a double jet system comprising two separate plasma jets which rotate in unison around the rotary axis to give a particularly intensive and uniform treatment. The RD2005 is used chiefly in the automotive industry for the pretreatment of carbon fiber materials prior to painting. This jet is also the preferred choice for cleaning large glazing units or aluminum panels, since the RD2005 can reach speeds of up to 60 meter per minute. This high speed is also of particular benefit for plasma applications in the digital printing industry. For the production of customized ID cards, for example, good printing results must be combined with high printing speeds. The use of plasma ensures that the surface is exposed to only low thermal loading and yet the pretreatment is uniform.

Application examples

  • Activating composite materials before defined surfaces are applied downstream
  • Cleaning large glass surfaces
  • Digital printing, for example, the pretreatment of ID cards

Plasmatreat jets and systems are continuously being improved, and the RD2005 is no exception; we have developed a number of rotary jets and modifications based on this particular model.

If you have any questions about other jets or areas of application, our plasma experts will gladly assist you.